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Do They Put Fat Filler Under the Muscle in Face?

do or can they put fat filler under the muscle in face

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Can fat fillers be placed under the muscles of the face?


Yes. Both fat grafts and other fillers are often placed under the muscles. We lose bone volume with aging as well as fat. Fillers are excellent for volumizing this loss. Also most fillers are best put under the muscles in the eyelid region, such as the hollows under the lower eyelids.

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Fat transfer placement


Fat grafting is often done such that the fat is placed below the muscles of the face. This is especially the case with the lower eyelids where the thin skin makes hard to hide the fat if placed too close to the surface.

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Fat Grafting with Facelift


I am unsure what you are asking.  However, if you are asking if fat grafting can be done at the same time as facelifting, the answer is yes.  This is a common practice and often enhances the outcome of facelift alone.


Good Luck.

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