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There Are Websites Where a Person Can Take Their Own Impressions and Order Invisalign Themselves. Is This Ok?

There are websites like this one where a person can take their own impressions and order Invisalign themselves. This seems like a good way to cut down on the costs, since the middleman is removed. Are there any dangers to doing this?

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Self administered treatment


This is an interesting concept. It would not be recommended to do any type of medical treatment on yourself.  Invisalign needs to be monitored and made sure it is working correctly.  Usually attachments have to be applied in most cases and that is not a procedure you can do on yourself.  Likewise, there is some reproximation, reshaping of the teeth in most cases which you want only the most adept dentist to do.

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Taking your own impressions for invisalign


I just checked out the website and they are not invisalign.  They are just retainers, they do not move teeth.  I would never recommend working with a company like this.  Impressions are taken by someone trained in taking them, not by an individual who does it on their own mouth.  I would highly recommend you see your dentist to have this done no matter what the savings would be.

Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist
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Beware the doctor that operates on himself


If orthodontics doesn't require training and experience, then sure, knock yourself out.  But Invisalign is not simply making trays and wearing them.  99% of the cases require bonding things to teeth to help them move (buttons) or to polish the sides of some teeth to make them thinner (IPR or interproximal reduction).  It would be impossible to do this to yourself.


Ever ordered something from Ebay and it SAID it was a playstation, but what you got was a joke and clearly NOT what you ordered?  This would be that situation.


I don't believe Invisalign will sell directly to the consumer.

Web reference:

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Take Your Own Impressions for Invisalign


I can't believe that such a website exists! . Invisalign would never allow that. All Invisalign Doctors MUST take the training courses given by Invisalign in order to get certified to provide Invisalign for their patients. BEWARE of a SCAM!

New York Cosmetic Dentist

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