Hi there, I'm wanting to have a breast augmentation. Id like 600cc! If any one has any feedback id really appreciate it?

Can any one recommend a good surgeon who does above 500cc in Thailand? I like the high set, very full on top look. Looking natural isn't a concern of mine but I'm not a fan of the 'stuck on' look I like lots of cleavage.

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Implant size

Implant size is something that needs to be worked out at the time of a consultation. The most important factor for determining if a large implant can be placed is can a space be made for the implant that will have an aesthetic result. The patients current breast size, shape, and skin quality are all important factors as it is much easier to fit a large implant for a very tall patient who has had children than a very thin short patient who has never had children. Sometimes a desired implant size needs to be done in stages. Also consider that if the skin is stretched too much at one time, stretch marked may occur.

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Dr. Kimberly Henry


Hello, thank you for your question! I do not know anyone in Thailand, but our office is an hour from San Francisco Airport, and we'd love to help! What would it take for you to come here to our office? We can have a limo pick you up! Check out our website at drkimberlyhenry.com and feel free to give us a call or an email! Best of luck!

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