Is There Such a Thing As Surgery to Install Anchors in the Scalp Where Fake Hair Can Attach?

Is There Such a Thing As Surgery to Install Anchors in the Scalp Where Fake Hair Can Attach?

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Fake hair

This is a good question.  I agree with prior docs that this type of approach is really not very popular and can cause more problems than solutions.  I don't do this because there are better options available such as hair transplantation.

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Regarding Scalp Anchors For Fake Hair

This is a bad idea. I have seen disasters that have resulted from this procedure. The anchors aould be rejected by your head and become a source of infection, abscess formation and scarring.

Sanusi Umar, MD
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Anchors for hair

Anchor devices for hairpeces.

I answered a similarly worded question yesterday. I will submit a portion of it today.

Around 15-18 years ago, a system for bone anchors implanted in the skull and protuding above the surace of the skin was developed. A hairpece system which had female snap  was snapped onto the protruding male snaps . This seemed to be a secure way to always get the hairpece in the same position and allowed the wearer to remove the system at night. This just did not become popular.

Also, I would not recommend a suture attachment ( a typeof transdermal attachment) for a hair system although such approaches were done in the past.




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Anchors for hairpiece.

Anchors for hairpiece can be done by making "bridges of skin" on the scalp for fixation. These can last for years if properly maintained and not too much pressure used.

Toby Mayer, MD
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