Is it Possible to Place Steel Anchors in the Scalp Dermis With Part Extruding Out a Little to Attach Extension?

Is it possible to place steel anchors in the scalp dermis with part extruding out a little to attach extensions? Im not bald but thinning and it if only the steel is in the scalp and no synthetic hair then I would not have to worry about infection? Is There a Hair Transplant Surgery That Implants Attachments for Hair Extensions, Wigs, Etc.?  If So What Have Been the Results?


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Hair Replacement

I would not recommend the method to address your hair loss. The Japanese created a more aggressive form transplantation surgery using synthetic hair for implantation called NIDO. The FDA, due to safety risks, bans this procedure in the U.S. The introduction of follicular unit extraction (FUE) to the field now allows for a less invasive procedure with outstanding results. You should also consider a more advanced form of FUE to increase your donor their areas. This includes body to head hair transplantation (BHT), where hair is taken from non-head sources such as the beard, chest or leg.

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Steel scalp implants

Any prosthetic material anchored in he Demi's or even the bone is creating the potential for a pathway for infection. In general, extensions are damaging to existing hair no matter how they are attached. 


There are artificial hair transplants done in Japan and Europe using synthetic fibers. Results have to be carefully monitored. Complications are frequent. 

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