What is the best Uplift & implant technique? I need some other surgeons opinions???

I am 28, having breast fed 2 kids I went from a bigB/C to a DD/E when pregnant&breastd.Now Im an empty D -breast tissue is big B/small C (deflated!). What is the best technique for a breast uplift&implant?One surgeon recommends anchor with implants in front of muscle and another recommends lollipop tech implant behind muscle?With a bit of research-is lollipop best with the dual plane technique? Also - what is max cc of silicon implant i can get?Both say no more than 300 will fit??

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Mastopexy-Breast uplift techniques

A breast uplift (mastopexy) is performed as an outpatient. There are three basic types- either a crescent shaped removal of breast skin only above the areola. This I frequently perform in conjunction with a breast enlargement in someone whose breast are ptotic (droopy because of pregnancy or weight loss). Separately, it can even be done under a local anesthetic in the office. This lifts the nipple-areola up to one inch only. It does not reshape the breast. The scars usually heal well but can be red, raised and spread and in a small amount of the patients can even elongate the areola.
The second, more extensive uplift is one that results in a scar around the areola("donut uplift"). The areola is marked smaller. This is performed under general anesthesia administered by an MD anesthesiologist as an outpatient. The main negative is that this may result in a minimal uplift/reshaping of the breast and may result in a flattening of the breast with bad scars and stretched out areola.
The final or full uplift (mastopexy) results in a scar at least around the areola, down the breast and possibly even around it (like an anchor type and as in a breast reduction). This is done as an outpatient under general anesthesia administered by an MD anesthesiologist.
Minimal breast tissue is removed and primarily skin with reshaping of the breast and uplifting it. The procedure takes about two hours and the patient is placed into a bulky bandage for about five days and then into a bra which she wears day and night for two weeks.
Light activity is permitted after several days and full activity after two weeks. The pain is usually minimal.
The usual complications like infection, bleeding, loss of sensation can occur but are minimal. Scarring is the main negative and the scars heal well in about 80% of the patients (flat, minimally spread and white). In 20% though, the scars are red, raised off the surface and the scars are spread.
Something can be done to minimize them though. Usually, breast sensitivity or the ability to breast feed is not interfered with.

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You need to post photos so that we can advise you.  Without knowing what your anatomy looks like, I can't help.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation with a lift

It is really difficult to tell you what would be best for you without seeing you. Based on the information you have given us, in that you are now quite deflated, I do know that your tissues have lost a lot of elasticity from being stretched and then deflated. I would definitely recommend placing your implant behind the pec muscle to better support the implant behind strong tissue. The lift technique really depends on how much of a lift you need, my preference would always be for a lollipop scar, but some women have too much loose skin to get away without a horizontal scar. Best wishes!

Holly Casey Wall, MD, FACS
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

The best surgery is the one for you, a board certified surgeon can share that with you after having a throough physical exam

Breast lift and augmentation

There are many different ways to perform a breast lift and augmentation. It is best to go over this in person based upon many factors including how your breasts look now.

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Breast augmentation and lift

Thank you for your question. It would be impossible to make any recommendations without more information including a physical exam.  Based on what you've written, it sounds like you will need a lift to treat your sagging and loose skin and an implant augmentation.  Exactly what type of lift will depend on your anatomy.  As per implant sizing, several factors are taken into consideration.  Please make sure your PS is board certified by the American Board of PS.   Best wishes,

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

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