How Much of the Transferred Fat Survives in Butt Augmentation?

I have a very flat butt and am researching butt augmentation. I have a fair amount of fat to take from my stomach area for the fat transfer. Given the fact that not all of the fat survives, how does one plan (and place realistic expectations) on how much fat to transfer in a butt augmentation surgery? How much fat can I expect to retain with my new butt and, given proper diet and exercise, will it be permanent? Thank you for your help with this!

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How Much of the Transferred Fat Survives in Butt Augmentation? #fat transfer #long-term

Thank you for your answer!!  This is a very commonly asked question in my clinic in Foster City California.  There are many techniques on how surgeons transfer fat.  Probably some better than others.  It is my belief that the transferred fat needs to be processed to rid any cells that are not good healthy fat cells.  For example, if I liposuction 1 liter of fat from someone's tummy, the aspirate contains good healthy cells plus fractured cells/oil, white blood cells, red blood cells, amongst others.  I have used the Puregraft filtration bags to filter out all of the cells above and retain the viable fat cells and stem cells.  As a result the amount of good cells in that liter of fat will probably be around 500 cc's or so.  If the surgeon uses another  technique than the 1 liter of original fat may supply 800 cc's of fat, but it contains the cells mentioned above which can inhibit graft survival.  So the bottom line is the amount of transferred fat surviving for buttock augmentation will depend on the process of cleansing the fat, the way the fat is harvested, the strength of vacuum suction, and the technique of placing the fat in the buttock.  Hope this helps!

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Brazilian Butt Lift Results will Depend on your Surgeon and on You...


Hi there-

Your question assumes that all surgeons are equal in skill, experience, and outcomes. NOT a safe or reliable assumption, particularly when talking about the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Experienced, skillful Brazilian Butt Lift surgeons patients can expect long term survival of 75-85% of the fat grafted. And be careful of anyone who tries to tell you that their machine somehow makes a difference- because it doesn't. A skilled surgeon is a skilled surgeon, no matter which machine you put in his hands. A surgeon who tries to sell you on the machine he uses is usually trying to distract you from his own lack of skill, training, or experience.

Look at lots of before and after photos. Be critical- be sure the photos you see are actually that surgeon's work, and that they are fair- after photos taken in the OR are meaningless.

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The amount of fat that survives after injection in buttock augmentation is unpredictable and is influenced by many factors, none of which you the patient has any control. Fat preparation and injection technique play major roles on the outcome. I have seen patients with anywhere from what appears to be 25% to 90% survival. This is why everyone overcorrects or places more than what may be desired, knowing that some resorption will occur.The measuring point is 3 months after surgery, what you seen then is what you will keep.

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Fat graft


In general fat graft survival is technique dependant, and operator dependant.

You should expect 60-80% survival rate of fat transfer

Samir Shureih, MD
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Fat transfer survival


I've found that what you see at 3 months is what you get.  There is some expected swelling from the trauma of doing the surgery and this will go up postop and then come down, but that's not the fat survival.  There are no real ways to clearly document the answer to this question so you'll always get different answers.  Body Jet talks about 85% fat survival, pureGraft from Cytori talks about excellent fat survival, vaser has their own stats .. it all comes down to the health of the patient and the technique used.  I've done several of these in 59 year old patients and they don't seem to do quite as well as the 24 year olds despite same technique.  You can tell the fat is different quality.  Yes, exercise, diet and taking care of the fat early on will make the result longer lasting.  I've seen patients out as far as over two years still looking hot!




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