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Has the Plastic Surgeon Done a Good Enough Job? (Beauty Mark Removal) (photo)

Hi I had a beauty mark removed, as it was beginning to act weirdly. My doctor sent me to a plastic surgeon who removed it for me. The beauty mark was 0.4cm in diameter (4mm) and pretty rounded. Now about 4 weeks have passed since surgery and about 1.5 weeks since the stitches have been removed. Here is a picture of the result today. How big of a scar do you think it will leave? Also honestly how would you evaluate the plastic surgeons work? Pics are from different days. Thanks :)

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I would highly recommend that you wait at least 6 months to evaluate how the area has healed.  If the results is undesirable, you can explore options including scar revision, laser treatment.

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The scar is slightly wide. Recommend waiting atleast 6 months, then evaluate. If it gets depressed and wide then consider scar revision and laser resurfacing to minimize the scar.

Samir Shureih, MD
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