What Are the Physical Benefits of Labiaplasty Where Other Therapies Might Not Help?

Are there physical therapies or non-invasive options that can help women overcome insecurities about their vagina?  http://www.ehow.com/how_2122534_suggest-labiaplasty-spouse.html

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Benefits of Labia Reduction Surgery


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The labia minora reduction operation is a highly patient pleasing operation.  Often it serves to illuminate a “functional” concern while improving the “aesthetic” concerns as well.  One of the key principles while performing this procedure is to remove the “excess” labia minora tissue (that protrudes past the  labia majora)  while preserving a pleasantly curved labia minora edge that does not look “surgical”. I tell patients that  my goal is for  their significant others and/or OB/GYN physicians not to know that they have had the procedure performed.

By removing the redundant labia minora tissue,  that protrudes past the labia majora tissue,  patients report that they no longer experience pinching  of the labia minora tissue with clothing or during activities such as bike riding, horseback riding or sexual activity.

Aesthetically speaking,  patients who had this procedure performed to more comfortable in tighter fitting clothing ( with less prominence of the genitalia area)  and out of clothing as well.

In order to achieve these functional and aesthetic benefits,  removal of the redundant labia minora tissue is necessary;  there are no nonsurgical modalities that will achieve the same results.

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