What Would Be the Best Implant for Tuberous Breast Correction?

I'm 15 and I only have one tuberous breasts. My mom agreed that if it sagged more I could get it done. What would be the best implant for the correction. I know that I might need an expander and have to get rid of the tightness at the bottom. I've also heard that silicone implants are excepted for congenital deformites of the breast, is that true?

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What Would Be the Best Implant for Tuberous Breast Correction?


Tuberous breast deformities in their true form show 1. High riding inframammary folds, 2. Herniated breast tissue into the nipple areolar complex, and 3. A constricted lower pole of the breast. While there are many variations of this deformity an evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon is a must. You are correct that sometimes patients are best treated with tissue expansion followed by an implant. Not every patient needs to go to that extreme to fix the problem. Your surgeon will guide you through those decisions. Without seeing pictures it is hard to comment on what your situation is. If this is considered a congenital deformity then yes you are allowed to have silicone implants with the consent of your guardian. The FDA only approved the use of silicone implant devices for women aged 22 and older for cosmetic use. I thing that silicone implants to leave patients with a very nice natural looking and feeling breast. Depending on how much breast tissue you have and if the implant will be placed above or below the muscle you can also have a great result with saline. Discuss pros and cons with your surgeon.

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Depends on Patient

Tuberous breast deformity is a developmental condition. During the breast developmental phase, an aberration occurs that causes a constricting ring to grow around the base of the breast. This ring keeps the breast from developing properly, stopping its horizontal and/or vertical expansion. The extra pressure from this process causes the breast tissue to herniate and move toward the area of the nipple/areola. The end result of this process is misshapen breasts, large areolas and irregular nipples, known as tuberous breasts. This problem can range greatly in severity. Some patients with minor tuberous breast deformity will only have breasts that have a high fold, tight base or a constricted appearance while others may suffer from a more severe problem where the breasts resemble tubes.

Ideal breasts are comprised of evenly distributed tissue while tuberous breasts are characterized by tissue that is concentrated directly underneath the protruding nipples. Because of this, a common treatment technique involves releasing this constricted breast tissue by making internal radial incisions that allow it to splay out properly. These incisions are done internally so the patient doesn't see anything externally. In most cases I will suggest the placement of an implant, typically in the sub-mammary position to better influence the breast’s shape and to add greater volume. If excess or sagging skin is present, I may recommend performing a breast lift as part of the procedure as well. You may require a breast lift for your right breast, however a more accurate assessment can be obtained through a physical examination with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. You should wait until you're about 19 or so before proceeding with surgery, since your breasts are still maturing. At that time, you can also discuss the best implant option, based on measurements of your pre-surgery contour.

Best of luck!

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Beast Implant for Reconstruction of Tuberous Breast Deformity


The Beast Implant for Reconstruction of Tuberous Breast Deformity depends on the size and shape of each patient's individual breast.  

Therefore, a consultation is needed to determine which breast implant and technique is best for you.

Fredrick A. Valauri, MD
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There is no one breast implant that is best for a tuberous deformity. Often with tuberous deformities the base of the breast is tight and needs to be opened up , and the areola is too large and tissue herniates through it.  Best to go for a consult with your parents when you have stopped growing.

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