Are the Glutimax Creams & the Brand New Booty Pills Safe to Use As a Alternative 4 Butt Augmentation?

There are alot of pills and creams such as the two I mentioned above that different sites offer as a alternative for butt and breast enhancements besides surgery and I was wondering if they are safe, legal and effective to use?

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Creams and Pills to "Enhance " your Buttocks?


Don't waste your time or money!  It's a total scam.  There's always someone out there waiting for a trusting person to come along that they can take advantage of.   There is no logic or science behind their claim. 

If it worked, don't you think they'd show some Before and After photos.  Not a single one. 

Check out my website.  We show Hundreds of before and after photos of patients results.  You will see a significant change with the Brazilian Butt Lift.  The results are Beautiful, Real and Permanent

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Can creams and/or pills be alternative treatments for buttock enhancement?


One must be very careful not to fall victim to markateing ploys and exploitation. By using creams and/or pills you are just throwing money away,even if it's just a few dollars. The safest and most effective way of enhancing the buttocks is through fat transplantation. In order to get the best result you should seek a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience with the procedure.


George Lefkovits, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Are the Glutimax Creams & the Brand New Booty Pills Safe to Use As a Alternative 4 Butt Augmentation?


Hype, waste of time, waste of money, wallet biopsy, BS, baloney, bamboozlement, bill of goods, bunco, balderdash, baloney, bull, bunk, drivel, empty talk, gibberish, hogwash, hooey, hot air, poppycock, rubbish, silliness, chicanery, con, con game, cover up, deception, fast one, flimflam, gyp, humbug, hustle, jive,put-on, racket, rip-off, run around, scam , sham, shell game, snow job, spoof, stunt, swindle, misrepresentation , pretense, ruse, sell, sham,smoke and mirrors, snow job - That just about sums it!

Stop and ask yourself, if this junk really worked, WHY would it selectively enlarge your behind? Why would it not enlarge every other part which contained fat?

Don't waste your money unless you really like subsidizing such businesses.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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