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I can't get the desired restylane result to last for more than 2 weeks?

A few months ago I got 1 ml. Restylane in my nose, due to a "bump" on my nose bridge, which I wanted to camouflage. It turned out fine, but already after 1 week it flattened out/much of the volume disappear, and my "bump" was visible again. Then I went back 2 times to get a touch up, but the same thing has happened every time! My doctor said, after the 2 touch ups, that there wasn’t much to do about it, but I just think it seems odd - because why you can’t you get the desired volume to last longer?

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Restylane in Nose Area

Restylane can be injected into a "bump" on the nose.  If it is disappearing from the area repeatedly then it is time to consult with another dermatologist to see what would be an alternative course of treatment. 

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An old axiom of surgery

A wise surgeon once told me that you can't do the same thing over and over expecting different results.  I think it is unlikely that restylane is the answer to your problem.  If a bump truly is the only thing that bothers you, there are fairly simple surgical options to address that.  I think it is worth consideration to speak with someone about that.
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