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What Are the Possible Degradation or Discretion of Joining This

I'm thinking about joining to afford my breast lift with implants one day. Do you recommend this funding and what are the possible degradation or discretion of joining this site?

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Possible Degradation or Discretion of Joining This


What in life is REALLY free?  Look around you and think it over. "There is NO free lunch".

Why would strange men "donate" funds in a "charity" which benefits this web site owner and women who just want larger breasts? With the millions of creative ways men can spend their money do you really think that these upright, good hearted guys lose sleep at night tossing and turning thinking how they can help the millions of flat-chested cash deprived women out there?  Sure - these guys would much rather NOT buy their wife, girlfriend, kids gifts. They would selflessly give up clothes, a new car, boat, vacation or whatever men blow extra money on - just to "donate" it to the charity of St. Silicona, she of the flat chest, aka

I think this is a moral question. What price do you put on your privacy and integrity? Think hard and let your heart and mind guide you.


Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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