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What Are the Chances of Developing Pain from Scar Tissue with a Breast Reduction?

I am thinking about getting a breast reduction. I'm worried about the likelihood or chance of having pain later in life from scar tissue. ive been reading online blogs/chats/posts from women who developed radiating pain years later (4 years/10 years later). Are some people more likely to get this versus others? What are the factors that increase this likelihood? I would be going from a DD to a C. Thanks.

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Chronic Pain after Breast Reduction Extremely Rare


Hi there-

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking about, because in many years of doing lots and lots of breast surgery, I have never heard of a patient having chronic pain after breast reduction surgery.

The fact is that there are actually very few nerves within the breast tissue, and so other than the pain from the skin incisions, most breast reduction patients have much less pain than breast augmentation patients.

This is among the very many reasons that breast reduction is one of the most fulfilling and positively reviewed procedures that plastic surgeons perform (see the 94% approval rating here on RealSelf!).

As long as you choose your surgeon carefully, this should not be a significant risk for you.

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Pain following breast reduction



Thank you for your question.

I would not worry about getting any type of delayed chronic pain following your breast reduction because the chances of it are very low. In my experience, most patients are very happy with results following this procedure and it can really improve your quality of life. If you have any reservations, I would recommend discussing them with your board certified plastic surgeon who will perform the procedure.

Good luck!

Dr. Sam Speron

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Chronic Pain After Breast Reduction


In years of doing Breast Reductions I have never encountered a single case of chronic pain. While theoretically such a complication can occur it must be extremely uncommon. Ths being the case, if you are this worried about a very unlikely event that is liely to never happen, you need to consider just how much your current discomfort with large breasts really bothers you and whatvriss, if any, are you willing to accept to or correct your present situation. 

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Pain after breast reduction

as you have heard ....VERY rare. so rare that in 30years I don't remember seeing or even hearing of it. I now do the Scarless or liposuction only so even a painful scar (which can happen) is not an issue.
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Scar Pain Years After Breast Reduction


Thanks for your question. I must say I have done hundreds of breast reduction surgeries for almost three decades and I can't remember ever having a patient mention that kind of delayed pain. It'spossible they just don't come back to the office for that symptom, but I have to think it is very unlikely to occur. Any plastic surgeon that does the breast reduction procedure will tell you the same thing....that is the happiest group of patients in their practice.

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction and Pain from Scar Tissue?


Thank you for the question.

The majority of patients who undergo breast reduction surgery are very pleased with the results of surgery;  the most common regret I've heard is " I wish I had done it earlier in life”. Although I cannot give you specific statistics,  I believe the chances of developing chronic pain from scar tissue after breast reduction surgery would be certainly be less than 5% of patients.

I hope this helps.

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