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Will the Breast Appearance Continue to Be Smooth or Will It Distort Around the Lift Scars?

Hi, I have an old vertical c section scar that will be removed as part of a mommy makeover. With a breast lift will the breast shape distort around the scars as with a vertical c-section?

Updated Information:

Please Let me clarify about the scars distortion with a breast lift. If I gain weight in my breast after a breast lift, will the fat deposit around the scars similar to that in a vertical breast lift?

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Scarring with breast lift

all scars are unpredictable:

verticle lifts have the best scars and best areola scars

periareola lifts can have widening and irreg. scars.

                     they are better with permenant sutures

anchor scars will sometime have thick red scars on the outer and inner parts under the breast


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C section is probably not an accurate representation of your scaring

In the case of a C-section, especially an emergency C-section, the obstetrician's attention is obviously directed somewhere else than the cosmesis of your scar. Often in these cases, the scar gets tethered to the underlying fascia resulting in a pulling, depressed scar. In the case of a breast lift, we can worry more about your scars and take the time to do things to make them as good as possible. Does that guarentee good scars? No, but I wouldn't use your C-section scar to judge.

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Vertical breast lift and scarring

Scarring around the breast usually heals better than a vertical incison on the abdomen.  But it is hard to predict.

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Breast Lifting Scars?

Thank you for the question.

The downside with breast lifting are the scars;  these may heal has a fine line or demonstrate “abnormal” scarring  such as wide ( hypertrophic)  or keloid scarring. Generally, plastic surgeons do everything possible to keep this car is fine as possible and the contour of the breasts  as smooth as possible. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, scar revision may be necessary to improve the results of the procedure.

I hope this helps.

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Breast lift scar should leave a smooth breast contour

If well planned, your breast lift scar should provide a smooth contour of the breast. It is unlike a C-section scar which can pucker and distort.

Best of luck,

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A Tummy Tuck Does Not Distort A Breast Lift

There is no connection or relationship between what happens on the lower abdomen with a tummy tuck on any form of breast lifting which is much higher. The pull from a tummy tuck is largely low on the abdomen and has no effect on the fixed tissue of the inframammary fold of the lower pole of the breasts. This makes reshaping both areas at the same time as not influencing each other.

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