Do Textured Saline Implants Need to Be Removed "En Bloc"?

I have had Mentor, saline (550 cc), teardrop, textured, implants (behind the muscle) for 14 years. I have very little natural breast tissue.I want to have my implants removed and not replaced. Do they need to be removed "en bloc"?

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Implant removal

if you should decide to have an explantation procedure performed, you do not always need to remove the capsule.

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Removal of textured saline implants

You do not need to remove all the capsule and sometimes no capsule need be removed after removing implants.  I would say that with 550cc implants and "very little natural breast tissue" you would be at risk for some resulting dimpling and deformity of the breast.  I would need to see you to give you specific advice, but I would recommend strongly considering replacing the saline implants with smaller silicone implants.  Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about your options.

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Breast implant removal

First and foremost you need to be absolutely sure you want your implants out and no replacement.

Then in behind the muscle position of implants remove the anterior leaflet of the capsule and curett the posterir capsule sothey can stick together and decrease the risk of deformity, filling with fluid.

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It would be typical to remove only part of the capsule. Trying to get it off of the rib cage is frustrating and met with much bleeding. If no implants are being replaced, the presence or absence of a capsule is not very relevant

Implant removal without replacement

Whether or not to remove the capsule around your breast implants is not as important as the potential for significant deformity with simple explantation. Since you had saline implants and little breast tissue your breasts probably felt very unnatural. Switching over to  silicone implants would like give you a much more natural look and feel. Get at least one or two more opinions from experienced breast surgeons. Good luck!

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Implant removal

En block removal of a saline smooth or textered implant is usually not needed. Patients with a ruptured silicone implant will need en block removal for best results and to remove all the silicone from the area. If you have a hard capsule formation around the saline implant, I sometimes remove the dome of the capsule to give you the best outcome and look. Many times we leave the capsule to retain firmness and lift. The decision is usually made during the consultation sometimes and for sure during the procedure itself. Thanks, Luis Vinas MD

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Removal of Texture Saline Breast Implants?

Thank you for the question.

It is not possible to give you good advice without direct examination.

Generally, when breast implants,  or any other foreign body,  is inserted into the human body,  the body forms a lining around it.  This lining is referred to as the “capsule”.   This capsule is normally very thin and soft;  however, it can become  thick and hardened in a process called encapsulation or capsular  contracture.  if this is the case,  then capsulectomy  may be indicated at the time of breast implant removal.

In the process of breast implant removal, if the breast implant capsules are soft and asymptomatic,  there is no reason to remove them (capsulectomy). Removal of breast  implant capsular  tissue increases  the risks of surgery (for example bleeding  and palpability/rippling of the breast implants).

I hope this helps.


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