Is There a Doctor out There That Does Random Acts of Kindness? I Have No Money Due to Con Artists. (photo)

I am 51 years old who was worth millions. I was taken by con artists and lost everything. I am currently writing a book on the experience, but I need a mental uplift and I believe looking my best would be the first giant leap. Thank You for Reading.

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Acts of Kindness and Mental Uplift


I am very sorry to hear about your story. Although a photo only provides partial information, it looks as if you are aging very gracefully at age 51. As Dr. Calvert correctly pointed out, it costs the Surgeon money to perform procedures. There will be some expectation by whomever you see that the financials associated with performing a surgical case will be covered. There are times when a new filler is introduced or similar circumstances where I will offer discounts or even free services to patients I have a relationship with. Best to establish such a relationship locally. Good luck

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Random acts of kindness


I am sure you can find someone close by that can help you.  However, even a facelift costs money to perform!  I would look into the resident clinics at the local universities of find a surgeon who just finished a cosmetic surgery fellowship and can do the operation for very low cost.  I will often discount my surgeon fees if I am making a teaching video or I use their operation for a conference.  Good luck!

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