Can I Get Nice, Full Breasts Without a Lift and Not Look Too Saggy?

I'm 34 with 2 kids and done having them. Breastfed both for a few months each. Anyway around getting a BA without the lift? I just don't want to go under twice as my doctor won't do both procedures at the same time and I totally understand why. I want nice, full breast- maybe full D but don't know if they will look very saggy without a lift. I'm currently 5'4 120 pounds and 34B.

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Breast Augmentation Without Lift Possible


Thank you for asubmitting your question and photographs. From your photographs it appears that your nipple and areola is above your inframammary crease, but an examination will be necessary to document that for certain.

If the nipple areola is above the inframammary crease you do not have nipple ptosis, but your breast gland is below the crease which is called glandular ptosis.

Breast augmentation without a lift is certainly possible and if your surgeon is able to do a biplanar breast augmentation and place the implant under the muscle without the implant pushing the nipple downward, you should have a good result without a lift.

Be certain to consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, who is very experienced in cosmetic breast surgery, and has a good reputation in your local community. If possible the surgeon should be able to show you photographs of results of cases that he or she has done who have similar breast shape and nipple position to you.

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Can I Get Nice, Full Breasts Without a Lift and Not Look Too Saggy?


Based on your photos I would recommend silicone gel implants under the muscle. The so-called dual-plane approach allows good results even when there is mild droop. Seek out an experienced aesthetic breast surgeon. All the best.

Eric Pugash, MD
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

If you choose a large implant 375-425 I think you would not need a lift but it may not look as natural as you think it as going to be

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Trade offs


You can have implants alone, placed under they scale or above, with or without a lift, but as you suspect, the less you do, the greater the trade off. No lift means you have to have the implants lower on your chest (some might call that saggy) to position the nipple over the implant. A small periareolar lift would reposition the 

Marguerite E. Aitken, MD
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Can I Get Nice, Full Breasts Without a Lift and Not Look Too Saggy?


Hi EmilyMarie,

From the pictures, it looks like you can get a good result with breast augmentation only. Your left breast nipple and areolar are slightly lower than the right, so be ready for a little asymmetry. The possibility of a limited mastopexy (periareolar lift) on the left side should be discussed with your surgeon.

Good luck.

Kenneth Bermudez, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Slight ptosis can be corrected with larger implants.


Being that you are going from a B to a D sized cup is to your benefit considering the way your breast is sitting.  Your left breast is fuller and sits lower than your right breast.  However, considering you wish to have a large implant, I would place the implant in the sub glandular position, taking up skin laxity.  You may be indicated however, to have a breast lift in the future, due to the weight of the implant and the positioning of the left breast.  For now though, a breast augmentation is reasonable.

Kenneth Dickie, MD, FRCSC
Barrie Plastic Surgeon
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Modest ptosis can be camouflaged with breast augmentation.


I think you will get a nice result from breast augmentation only. I would suggest silicone gel implants in a sub glandular placement.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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"Full" breasts without a lift


Breast implants are pillows behind the breast and do not actually lift the breast and larger ones do not lift it further. Implants can give the illusion of a lift because they fill out the lower pole of the breast as well as fill in the upper pole. Whether a lift is required in order to get the implant positioned properly behind the breast is best determined in person and has to do with where the nipple-areola sits in relation to the inframammary crease behind it. 

The maximum size increase with a normal width breast and a properly fitted and positioned high profile implant is two cup sizes. You cannot just pick a breast size any more than you can just choose a shoe size or dress size. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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Nice Breast Shape and Fullness Without a Lift?


Based on your photos and your goal of going from a B-cup to D-cup I think you can likely achieve a nice result without a lift. However, while your right breast doesn't look too saggy in your photo, it is more difficult to determine for your left breast without an exam. You are likely in a borderline situation where there are tradeoffs and the result is not always fully predictable. You will definitely have some asymmetry of your nipple position. A reasonable plan would be to procede with augmentation and leave open the option of a secondary lift if your not fully satisfied with the results.

Braden Stridde, MD
Federal Way Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation with or without Breast Lift


Thank you for your pictures regarding breast augmentation and lift.  Even with the pictures it is difficult to make a recommendation whether a breast lift is needed.  If the nipple is above your breast fold, with your arms at your side, then a lift should not be necessary. If it is at, or close the breast fold, often a more limited lift like a crescent lift or periaerola lift will enhance the result of breast augmentation and is commonly done at the same time.  There are many qualified board-certified plastic surgeons who will do a breast lift with a breast augmentation.  You may want to seek out several qualified plastic surgeons with a great deal of experience in aesthetic breast surgery and explore all of your options.  I can certainly empathize with not wanting to undergo two separate procedures. Good luck to you. 

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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