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Could I Be Experiencing a Ruptured Implant?

So I'm almost 4 months out and I barely started using the strap to help my left breast settle like the other. My problem is that since i started using it my right armpit has been swollen and I just discovered a painful round lump under my armpit. Could this mean I ruptured my right silicone implant? I'm 23 years old and have never experienced painful lumps before. Should I be worried? Am I using the bandaeu too tight?

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Implant issues


A lump in the breast a few months after surgery can represent many different things.  It is best to see your surgeon regarding this matter. Good luck.

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Painful Round Underarm Lump and Breast Implant Rupture


Using a strap to help your left breast implant settle is unlikely to cause a leak in the right breast implant, even if it is used tightly.  The most reliable way to determine a silicone breast implant leakage is to obtain an MRI.  Silicone breast implant ruptures often present as a change in shape or firmness of the breast implant.  However, any painful breast or underarm mass requires further examination and I would strongly suggest that you follow-up with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Lump under Armpit


You should see your breast surgeon/plastic surgeon for assessment of the lump.  Additional imaging such as an MRI may be required.


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