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How to Choose a Surgeon for a Tummy Tuck when Opinions Differ? Confused! (photo)

I've consulted with 3 board certified plastic surgeons & all 3 have a different opinions as to what I need done. I'm 42 yrs, 5'2, 108 lbs. & have 2 children born via C section (2 1/2 yrs & 16 mos). One surgeon suggested a mini TT with Vaser lipo to upper abdomen & flanks, another a full TT no lipo & the other a full TT with lipo of the upper abdomen only. This leaves me confused, don't know what to base my decision on. Please help, would greatly appreciate opinions, what do I need done? Thanks!

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A full tummy tuck may be your best option.

Thank you for your question and photographs. You are in excellent shape and should get an excellent result from a tummy tuck.

I do understand your confusion and it is understandable that you have received a different opinions

You are not overweight and do not have much excess fat under your skin so I would eliminate the need for liposuction unless you want it in the flank area.

A mini tummy tuck will remove the loose skin below your belly button and allow for a very low incision near the pubis. However a mini tummy tuck will not allow tightening of the skin above your belly button and will not allow for the reconstruction of the belly button area. The lipo is often done with a mini to compensate for inability to address the upper abdomen and around the belly button.

A full tummy tuck will require an incision that is a little higher than the pubic hairline. This incision can usually be covered with a two-piece bathing suit but certainly not a string bikini.

The benefit of a full tummy tuck is that the upper and lower abdominal skin will be tightened and the belly button area restored. However the disadvantage of a full tummy Tuck is a scar that is a little higher.

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doing  at same time vasser lypo plus, TT ,teach you a great knowledge from both surgeons than proposed this combined surgery to you, they are thinking the best for you ,but to do that .represents years of knowledge and experience, people than do not knows , enough simply did not know than this mixed procedures might be  realized, so more clear or dont?

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