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Terrible swelling after sculptra? (photo)

Hi, I,M 12 hours after sculptra one vial, dilluted in 8 ml of water reconstituted during 8 days. I have terrible bruising which I was always prone to and also what worse terrible sweling , I even got a sort of heamatoma under my eye, even through these area was not injected. I ' ve got some problems with massaging as touching the skin makes the swelling worse, skin becomes red and painful. I also have visible asymetry . I' m really scared.

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Swelling after Sculptra


It is not uncommon to have some swelling after Sculptra, or any other injectable filler. The swelling can be worse on one side than the other, so I would not be too concerned about your face not looking symmetric at this point. Ice packs may help to bring the swelling down but I would also contact your treating physician. It may be prudent to hold off on massaging the swollen areas, as this could make the swelling worse, but I would listen to the advice of your physician since he or she has the most knowledge about your particular treatment.

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