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Has Too Much Teosyal Been Filled into my Lips? (photo)

Three days ago, I had Teosyal injected into mainly my upper lip. It did swell quite significantly and I have a few bruises on the left side. The swelling has now gone down, but I am not happy with the result at all. The right side of my upper lip is much bigger than the left, kind of hanging own over the bottom lip. Also, I have several lumps - small ones on the left and one huge one on the right. Is this only a reaction to the trauma caused to the lips by the needle, or "permanent"?

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Lips swollen after filler


Any type of filler can cause excess swelling of your lips, that can last for up to two weeks. There is evidence of bruising from your photo, so this bruising will also contribute to the edema.Some patients experience significant swelling after injections of filler, no matter what product is used. Such patients may have a fairly common condition known as dermatographism and taking antihistamines orally, before and after treaments can be of use, along with application of ice.

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