TCA Peelin Stretch Mask?

I have a white stretch marks from 10 years ago, I learned that the alternative is to reduce peeling, is that you can peel the green with 3-4 applications, the green peel is a deep peel TCA lei but also used to scar and stretch marks. I used the glycolic acid 30 but only a little redness just in hip and no breasts. TCA is not the best for me and that concentration, I think it could be 35-45%, which would you recommend? that no side effects like scarring

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TCA Peel

Thank you for your question. First, you will require a skin evaluation, and then a plan of care.  We like to use CO2 lasers in a very light mode, and in fractional mode to improve stretchmarks. They will improve, but not go away 100%.  Consider seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for your options. I hope this helps.

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No great cure for Stretch Marks

Unfortunately there is no great cure for stretch marks, especially white ones as you describe. TCA Peels, lasers, Retin-A, Strivectin, in my experience do not work. This is because a stretch mark is actually a scar at the dermal level. Pink stretch marks (striae) can sometimes be mildly improved with specific lasers such as a Diolite or Candella laser.

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