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Depth of Treatment from 35% TCA Peel?

How many percent (depth) does 35% TCA Peel target the skin's surface? I heard that Fraxel Laser (Restore) can target between 5% and 35% of the skin's surface. Can 35% TCA also target the skin's surface as deep as Fraxel Restore?

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TCA 35% will target a majority of the epidermis and upper dermis; the Fraxel ReStore is only dermis


Thank you for your question.

TCA 35% peels destroy the epidermis and the upper dermis. It is considered a superficial peel by itself, but can approach the effects of medium depth peel if done in certain ways. The Fraxel ReStore is a laser that targets only the dermis and leaves the surface of the skin alone - this treatment works to remodel collagen in the second layer to improve wrinkles and scarring.

TCA will work on any surface you place it - so if you covered the entire face, effectively 80-100% of the skin would be treated. Fraxel ReStore skin coverage will differ depending on the settings and passes, but if the question is which is deeper, the answer would be the ReStore. TCA is a peel that is superficial that targets the top layer of skin, and the Fraxel is a deeper laser that targets the deeper second layer of skin.

Hope this helps!

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