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Is it safe to get a tattoo four days before open rhinoplasty?

I'm due to have open Rhinoplasty with general anaesthetic on the in less than two weeks but also have a long standing appointment to have a tattoo on my right arm 4 days before. My question is whether this is safe to do given the risk of infection during the rhinoplasty and whether having a tattoo on my right lower arm will hinder anything to do with the administration of general anaesthetic?

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Tattoo on arm and rhinoplasty

Two concerns regarding the arm. An IV is typically placed at the time of surgery. I would ask the tattoo artist if an IV would hinder your result. I would also contact your surgeon to ask as well. A blood pressure cuff may be placed on the upper arm as well. A lot depends on the flexibility of the anesthesiologist where monitors and IVs are typically placed. 

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