Asymmetrical Eyelids

Hello.. My eyes are asymmetrical like the photo. below the eyebrows in the right eye, lose fat and now sunk. I think a fill is necessary to replace de lost fat.. Is there anything I can do? ps: now i post the real photo of my case

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Asymmetric eye lids


youe upper lids are asymmetric, i believe after complete exam to maake sure there is no other medical issue, you will benifit from fat transfer to the right upper lid

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Upper eyelid asymmetry


As there is an asymmetry of the upper eyelids, it would be important to have a full ophthalmic examination and make sure that all the eye muscles are working well neurologically and then see either a plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon for consultation in fat repositioning, or fat grafting. There are risks so make sure you understand all prior to agreeing to undergo such a procedure.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologist
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