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How Swollen is Normal for Restylane Injections in Under Tear Troughs?

I was injected on Friday morning (by a very experienced doctor) and was VERY swollen by Friday afternoon. 1 vial under each eye, very deep. The same degree of swelling has persisted through today despite icing my face for 20 minutes out of each hour. This is the first time I have had fillers so don't know what to expect. I am leaving on a vacation to CA on Tuesday and was hoping to be fine by then. Should I be taking a trip back to see him on Monday if things aren't significantly improved?

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Restylane and swelling

It's not uncommon to have significant swelling and/or bruising post-dermal filler treatment for sometimes up to two weeks. Follow up with your provider if you don't think your symptoms are at least improving.

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Swelling under the eyes

Since the skin s very thin under the eyes, it quite common to have swelling post restylane treatment.  If the swelling persists for a week, then contact the physician.

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Swelling under eyes from Restylane is common

The eye area has extremely thin skin and you should expect more swelling there when fillers are done. Additionally, 1ml Restylane under each eye is a pretty significant amount, so you most likely will have more swelling. Most of the time, swelling from Restylane persists for 7-10 days, but it will start going down. Don't press on it or manipulate it. Icing is fine. You should wait until at least Friday (or Monday) to see your doctor again, because really, this swelling is very normal.

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Under eye swelling using restylane

Under eye swelling is quite common after filler material placement. They are hydrophilic( like water) and the tissue are very thin.

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