Swollen 4 Months Post Labiaplasty?

Had Labiaplasty w excess prepuce removal approx 4 months ago. Only on my left side. Still experiencing swelling, discomfort, pain at times. It even feels almost turned on down there when it swells at times and the scar next to my hood definitely feels bothered. I am more swollen now than I was a week after surgery. Sex leaves me irritated for a long time. My doc says I'm a slow healer, but I am wondering if I shouldn't be more concerned. Looks fine, but I am more worried about feeling. TY!

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Scar swelling after surgery

If your scar area is tender and swollen after surgery, you could have an ingrown hair, a cyst, or if it is just in the area of the scar, an infected scar due to either bacteria or fungal elements or both.  Treatment would depend on which one is most likely.

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Swollen 4 months after labiaplasty

It is quite difficult for me to see the scar. However, it appears that you have a scar along the medial aspects of the labia majora which occasionally may make the hair rotate inwards towards the more delicate labia minora. This can cause irritation during sex and normal activities. Have you tried waxing? Shaving may not sufficiently remove the irritating hair "stubble." If this works, a more permanent solution may be laser hair removal.

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Swollen 4 months post Labiaplasty?

What you are probably experiencing at 4 months post surgery is some minor swelling and scar maturation. Between 2 and 4 months following surgery, your scar tissue can be at peak levels. This can make the area appear swollen and also itch or tingle. This should resolve over time. Massage and silicone based scar cream should help.

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See your surgeon

It is hard to tell just from the picture why you may have this recurring issue of swelling and pain.

It is not uncommon to have swelling after any surgery for up to 6 months to a whole year. Specifically in the genital area.

You may have a cyst or ingrown hair that cyclically gets irritated. Or it maybe a deeper structure or a suture that has not dissolved or a permanent suture that is superficial an is irritating the labia.

Try some sitz baths, warm compresses and avoid irritating the aggravated are.

If it does not improve then see your surgeon or a gynecologist.


Good luck!

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