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Are Swollen Lumps Under the Chin a Common Side Effect of Ultherpay and Would They Go Away?

I had ultherpay done yesterday to the midface and neck..I developed 5 large lumps in my neck under the chin neck looks horrible now and it looks like I have double chin which i didn't before..would these lumps go away? should I be concerned? should I see a doctor??

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Swelling under neck from ultherapy

Please check with your doctor so they can see in person your bumps and evaluate your condition.  Swelling is not unusual in areas of dependency (where fluids can collect by gravity). There is a chance of bruising and if you have a significant tendency to bruise your doctor will want to evaluate if you have a deep bruise. Ultherapy has been  a treatment that has a high safety profile and if your condition is in fact, just swelling, then the lumps should go away on their own, but please do have your physician examine you.

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