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How Soon Can I Swim After a Photofacial?

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Swimming after photofacial

I assume you are asking about intense pulse light (IPL) photofacial. If that is the case, you can swim within an hour after the procedure. Ensure that you skin is not red or irritated, otherwise wait until that has subsided before swimming. Also to minimize risks of discolorations, apply SPF 30+ waterproof sunscreen to protect you skin, and try to swim early in the morning or late in the afternoon (when the sun damage is minimal). Good luck.

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It is fine to swim after a photofacial as long as your skin is not too red and irritated.  It is always very important to wear a good sunscreen to minimize the risks of discoloration after a photofacial treatment.

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12 hours should be fine provided the treatment was not excessive. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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OK to swim after photofacial

I see no problem with swimming after this treatment.  Be sure to wear sunscreen.

Good Luck.

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