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Normal For Swelling To Be Increasing 7 Weeks Post Lipo To Abdomen and Flanks?

I'm 27, male, had liposuction on abdomen and flanks. Could see results right after surgery, then was swollen for 2-3 weeks, then could see some nice results for a couple of days, the swelling increased again and haven't been able to see resuts since then, it's been 7 weeks since surgery. Not sure if I'm just swollen, if it's fat that came back or whatever it is... Is this normal?

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Normal For Swelling To Be Increasing 7 Weeks Post Lipo To Abdomen and Flanks?

There are cases where upon resuming more normal activity there is a re-accumulation of swelling that will go down with time. A little massage might help it absorb sooner.

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Liposuction Results?

Thank you for your question.

You are likely experiencing swelling which is part of the healing process ( a you should your surgeon to rule out seroma).  You do not have to worry about the fact “coming back". The swelling can take months to subside and even longer for skin to “redrape".  At that point you will see the final results.

Best Wishes.

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