Can Swelling Be Solid and and Heal Faster on One Side?

hi , i had a nose job when i was 18 to correct a big hump but wasnt happy with the results but was always fobbed off but nearly 5 years later they finaly agreed to re do it,i have had revishion work on my nose to correct an open roof that was left, its now 3 weeks since i had my splint off and it dosnt look much difrnt i now have one side flat in stead of bean curved. will this be just the swelling healing at difrnt times,can the swelling feel solid? i have very thin skin so its more prominent, x

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Rhinoplasty Result 3 Weeks Post-op


It is difficult to evaluate your nose 3 weeks after surgery. As you suggest, the swelling may resolve asymmetrically. Hopefully the open roof has been corrected. Be patient, wait another 6 months, and share your concerns with your surgeon. We would like to help you, but that's impossible without examining you. 

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