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Still Having Swelling 3 Months After Tummy Tuck

Had my tummy tuck on Feb 9, I've noticed some incrsd swelling 3 mos postop. Is this nrml, could increasing my exercise have something to do with this, can this be a lymphatic problem. What can I do to stop this swelling, Can abd exercises harm/cause incrsd swelling, are abd exercises harmful?

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Residual swelling months after Tummy Tuck

Hi there-

It would be impossible for me to responsibly give you an opinion of what might be going on without examining you and knowing more details.

On the other hand, I can tell you that this long after surgery it is very strange for you to feel you have an INCREASE in swelling. Please visit your surgeon for an exam.

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Still having swelling 3 months after tummy tuck

The is very unusual. Have you seen you surgeon recently? If not get opinions. It is either residual fluids like seroma or a poor result.

Best of luck from MIAMI Dr. B

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