Swelling Risk After Novielle?

My doctor is recommending Novielle for my marionette lines, after a vial of Radiesse produced little results. After reading the other comments about swelling, I'm concerned about the risk since I've had considerable swelling and bruising with the Radiesse. Am I likely to experience another significant swelling after Novielle?

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Not Sure Why Your Doc Wants to Use This

There are a lot of great dermal fillers for nasolabial and marionette folds. I'm a big fan of Radiesse but I often use it in conjunction with a hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm or a collagen such as Evolence.

So I'm not sure why your Doc wants to use something that's not even remotely FDA approved for facial lines. Novielle Voice, by Coapt, is a Acrylomar Complex. It's likely the same material they put into their anchors that most of us use for brow lifts. This product is a gel that is FDA approved for voice issues.

I'd stay away from this and this doctor. See someone who appreciates how to combine different fillers.

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