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Surgical Method to Remove Nasolabial Folds ? No Fillers , No Implants Wanted.

My Nasolabial folds are very deep and asymmetrical with fat and/or excess skin just above them. Age-32. Fillers in l folds and on cheeks worsened the problems by giving a rounder face. I DO NOT want fillers or implants .I will prefer a surgical method with no scarring. 1. Can a mid face lift, with incisions from inside the mouth help? Or Laser Lipolyis ? Surgical Excision ? 2. What will be the cost, recovery time, scarring? 3. Any suggested doctors in Florida or New York ?

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Nasio labial fold

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Direct surgical excision of the nasiolabial fold was practiced, but it leaves terrible scar in the middle of the face . There is no approach from inside the mouth to soften the nasiolabial fold. Mid face lift leaves a scar infront of the ear as in face lift.

Endoscopic midface lift have the scars in the hai line

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