Surgical Butt Lift AND Brazilian Butt Lift in 1 Surgery Session - Recommended or Risky?

I have sagging at the buttock crease due to lipo of the banana roll area, which I wish I hadn't done. I want my buttocks/outer thighs to look taut, and I don't want a really big butt, so I'm considering a surgical lift. However, this would probably flatten my butt completely. To have the best butt possible, should I have the surgical lift to tighten skin followed by a Brazilian butt lift to round out my buttocks at the top? Could I have both procedures at once or would that be too drastic?

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Buttocks Lift Options to Correct Drooping......

There are several options. The "Right Way" will depend on your goals. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a very good option to fill out your buttocks in whatever area that you wish. So, if you are planing on having this procedure, I would recommend that you have the Brazilian Butt Lift performed first to see how much improvement in the drooping you get. That way, if you are happy, then you wouldn't need the scar of a lift.

When it comes to a buttocks lift, this is an option, but I would not chose this as a first option. I would fear that the weight of your buttocks would cause recurrence of the drooping as well as a widened scar. Buttocks lifts work best on patients who have lost a lot of volume of their buttocks and have very little weight left in that area.

I think the best option would be a Buttocks Wedge Excision. This will leave a much less obvious scar in the crease beneath your buttocks instead of across your low back above your buttocks as you would have with a buttocks lift. And, the weight of your buttocks would not affect your scar, and chance of recurrence is very minimal.

Brazillian butt lift

The crease (banana roll) that you show would be ideal for fat grafting.  You need to have enough fat, however.  A buttock lift will not address that, since it appears you have already had that with your circumferential panniculectomy.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock lift and aoviding a flat buttocks

With sufficient lower buttock laxity, a surgical buttock lift is probably the most effective method of correcting the lower buttock appearance. However, you are correct, this can result in a flattened buttocks appearance. In order to avoid this some  surgeons advise retaining and "burying" the tissue as if it were an implant to maintain and enhance projection of the upper buttocks

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Butt Lift and Fat Transfer

A lower body lift can be accomplished to improve sagging tissues including the buttocks. Your picture does not seem to indicate that you may be not be a good candidate for that procedure.  A consult and physical exam is important.  Generally, fat transfer could be performed at the same time but I would perform these separately.  

Dr. ES

Brazilian Butt enhancement

You  had over suctioning of the banana deformity, this weakens the support to the buttock and results in sagging buttock. Looking at your picture the buttock crease extend laterally through the length of the buttock, normally it should be about 1/3 the full length.

The appropriate treatment is to do fat transfer to the banana deormity area, this will reestablish the support to the buttocks and shorten the crease, and gives a lift to the buttock. To fill that area requires about 300-400cc on each side.

What ever fat remains can be transfered to the flattened part of your buttock.

In your case i would vote against a buttock lift  to avoid the large scar the lift leaves behind.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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