Does Everyone Need Surgical Bras and Compression Garments?

I am scheduled for tummy tuck and breast reduction on 12/30/11. My PS didn't mention needing to purchase compression garments or surgical bras, but I have read about them here on RealSelf. Are these items that I need to purchase prior to surgery?

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Garments after surgery

You will likely be placed in some type of garments after surgery. We provide those for our patient at my office but don't assume that these will be given to you. Call your plastic surgeon's office and ask if you need to get something or will it be provided for you.

Good luck Friday.

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You will get to the same result without them, maybe a little longer

There is nothing magical about wearing a surgical bra after any breast surgery.  I tell my patients it should make them feel more comfortable and with less painful bouncing around.  If it isn't accomplishing that then find another one until it works.  But the eventual shape of your breast will not depend on wearing a certain bra immediately after surgery

So things are a little different with the compression garment if you are having liposuction as well. These compress the tissue so that swelling is limited and recovery is faster as a result.  Again there is nothing about this garment that will make you look better than if you don't wear it.  But you might be a whole lot more comfortable in one that going without one.

Finally you should call your doctor's office and discuss it with them.  Maybe they forgot to tell you about it or maybe they provide one of theirs afterwards...

Compression Garment After Tummy Tuck

Most hospitals and surgery centers send their patients home with an abdominal binder and surgical bra after a tummy tuck and breast reduction. Call your doctor's office to check if you need to buy it.

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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Post-op Garments For Tummy Tuck & Reduction

I tend to use inexpensive devices following both tummy tucks and reductions.  With a tummy tuck, I use an abdominal binder for which there is no additional charge and I use an inexpensive bra (<$10 for a second and no charge for the first) after augmentation.  Other surgeons may use other and more costly devices, but I see no advantage with their use.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Compression garments

Compression garments are put in place while you are still on the operating table. I purchase these on my patients' behalf and do not charge separately for them. You should speak with your plastic surgeon about this question but typically, patients do not buy the compression bras and girdles. Several weeks after surgery, when your surgeon permits you to switch to milder compression, you will be able to purchase Spanx or another compressive panty for these purposes. Good luck to you. Dr. K

Robert L. Kraft, MD
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Bras and garments are part of the package

It seems unfair to send patients out to find a bra to wear after surgery, and we provide the bre or garment needed to get patients through the period after surgery. You could ask if you are expected to find something on your own, but we would hope not.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Special garments after surgery

Not every surgeon uses special bras and garments after surgery, but most of us do.  In our office, they are usually included in the cost of surgery.  I would check with your surgeon to make sure you don't need to purchase them ahead of time.  Good luck with your surgery.

Garments after Surgery?

Thank you for the question

It is likely that your plastic surgeon didn't mention these garments because he/she plans to “apply” them while you are in the operating room;  It may behoove you to double check with his/her office.

Best wishes with your upcoming surgery.

Surgical bras and compression garments

Some surgeons use surgical bras and compression garments and others do not.  I think the surgical bra is really for comfort. I personally like compression after liposuction because I think this helps with swelling.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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