Surgery to Increase Scleral Show?

I would like to know about surgery to increase scleral show and who does this.  How involved is the surgery? What is the approximate price range? How long is the recovery? My eyes do not open very much - the iris is partially covered, top and bottom, and very little white shows. My vision is not affected by this. It seems like it would be a relatively simple surgery. Is this the case, or is it more involved? Thank you for any information you can give me.

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Increase scleral show

Usually scleral show is not encouraged and a complication of eye lid surgery. If you mean that you have upper lid ptosis, then that is a different story and that can be corrected with surgery.

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An actual personal cosultation is need to answer these questions

Increasing scleral show directly effects how the eyelids protect the eyes. The more white or sclera is seen, the bigger the eyes look. However this also increases the exposure of the eyes to drying from the eyes. Strategies to carry this out includes lifting the upper eyelid with ptosis procedures. The lower eyelid is alterted with lateral canthal reconstruction. This requires a detailed customized approach based on your unique anatomical feature

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Surgery to increase scleral show

Without good clinical pix to assess lid position it is impossible to give a focused answer, but scleral show is not something that plastic surgeons try to achieve. It sounds that you have some type of upper lid laxity or other lid malposition which can be corrected to give the appearance of a larger eye.

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