Surgery for One Eye?

Hello, i have a slightly herniated fat pad under one eye only. Is it possible to have a lower bleph to correct this under one eye only? I am 37, thanks!

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Blepharoplasty for Eyelid Asymmetry

Mel, if you begin closely examining faces you’ll see that most faces aren’t symmetrical.  When it comes to eyelid surgery this asymmetry is taken into consideration when devising the surgical approach.  Usually this entails removing slightly more skin or fat on one side than the other.  If only one side is a concern then eyelid surgery can be performed on that side only to create better facial symmetry.


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Bepharoplasty for 1 eye.

Bepharoplasty for 1 eye is frequently done. Your surgeon should evaluate the entire eye complex before deciding.

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Surgery on one eye

hello Mel37

it's absolutely possible and it's done frequently in offices all over the country. One thing to be aware of is that in some cases when the bags are asymmetric that could mean there is a difference in the size of your eye socket or some other anatomical consideration so be sure to see an experienced facial plastic surgeon or Oculoplastic surgeon before proceeding.


Best of luck


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Eyelid Surgery on One Side Only

Yes! If you only have issues with one side, surgery on that side only will correct what is bothering you. No need to fix something if it is not broken. The lower lid can be corrected without scar through the inner lid; or if there is excess skin as well, through a virtually imperceptible scar along the edge of the lower lid.

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Lower eyelid surgery

Dear mel37,

  • This is definitely possible and it would be an in depth conversation with your plastic surgeon going over the risks and benefits of doing one eye and not the other
  • The other option is to do both of them with a precise fat transfer to get the eyes symmetric
  • This can be addressed in a consultation where your expectations can be managed appropriately

Best regards,

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Surgery for one eye

It is definitely possible to just have surgery on one eyelid and not the other.  Sometimes people's eyes are not the same, so in some instances, surgery can be done just on one side to make the appearance more symmetric.  

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Unilateral Herniated Fat Pad

  A unilateral herniated fat pad can be treated with lower eyelid surgery only on the affected side.  Find the plastic surgeon with elite credentials to perform the procedure for you.

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Yes, one eyelid surgery

Absolutley, each surgery is planned to help the patient achieve their aesthetic goals and mazimize their results. This can involve performing surgery on just one lid.

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