How Much Surgery is Considered 'Reasonable'?

In 2010, textured anatomical implants over the muscle. 2011, right implant pocket made smaller as implant was freely rotating. It is fine now. 6 months on, left implant sheared off causing hematoma,implant is removed. I now want round textured implants under muscle but my (new) PS advise I place implant back so as not to undergo unnecessary trauma, even though he prefers to place implants under. I prefer this but considering previous history is it unwise to pursue my choice against his advice?

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Implant pocket

I prefer to have patients have the implants under the muscle for more superior pole coverage, but this is case by case decision.

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How much surgery

  • Most patients do best with implants behind the muscle
  • Some patients have enough breast tissue to cover the implant adequately and the implant can be placed in front of the muscle
  • To get the best result, you should consider taking out the other implant, letting the space heal and starting over with submuscular implants

Implant position for revision surgery

For a number of reasons I would prefer to place your implants under the muscle. I don't quite understand the issue proposed by your surgeon. Perhaps getting a second evaluation by another surgeon would be appropriate for you! After 3 surgeries, it would be nice to get you to the outcome you want.

Thanks for ;your question, best wishes.

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