Breast swollen after exercise - is this normal 6 weeks post-op?

i had surgery 6wks ago and last week i rode a beach bike and now my rt breast is swollen . is this normal?

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One sided swelling after breast implant augmentation warrants evaluation

To some degreee swelling is normal after exercise during the early post-operative period. However, I am more concerned about the one sided swelling and you should see your plastic surgeon for this.

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Breasts swollen with acitivity after implant surgery

It is quite common that as you go back to acitivity especially at this early stage, that your breasts will swell. This will get better with time.

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Swollen breast post-op

Your breast should not be swollen more than the other side if they were even before. Most likely you are fine but you should see your plastic surgeon so that they can evaluate you and counsel you if there is anything that needs to be done.

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