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Recommended Surgeries for a Trans-woman to Attain an Hourglass Figure?

So I am a skinny trans girl that is looking to change my body into a more female shape. I am looking at butt implants for a better butt and hip implants. I have found no doctor that does this procedure. I prefer to do these in the United States. I do not want to do silicone injections as they are sitting there in liquid form and have no pocket to live in. ANy suggestions?

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Hourglass figure in transgender


As far as I know there are no such things as hip implants. For buttock augmentation I prefer free fat injection. If there is no fat elsewhere on the body to harvest as in your case your only option is a buttock implant or injection of sculptra filler. The injection of filler is off lable use and can be a more expensive option than surgery depending on the number of bottles required. Somehow I cannot picture just increasing buttock hip size as a way to achieve an hourglass figure. It seems to me that would create a pear shape instead.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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