Do Surgeons Still Offer Duodenal Switch?

I have heard positive reviews of the duodenal switch but my surgeon doesn't do them. Is this still offered or are there better techniques now?

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Duodenal Switch? Still offered?

Yes, duodenal switch  (DS) is still offered and can be a great operation in the properly selected patient. DS  offers the patient the greatest amount of weight loss and the best chance to be "normal" BMI. It carries a slightly higher potential risk than the bypass but it still a safe operation in experienced hands. The DS is best for putting diabetes in remission (even better than gastric bypass) and excellent for trreating pt s with very high cholesterol. It s also the most resistant to weight regain as compared to bypass. On the other hand some pt s complain of loose stools specially with fatty foods and vitamin deficiency as this can be an issue. Talk with a surgeon that offers all the operations so you can obtain usually the most unbiased opinion.

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Duodenal Switch

Duodenal switch is an excellent operation for the right patient. It has an "extreme" reputation, but that is mostly historical. It has been growing in popularity lately because it is useful as a secondary procedure following sleeve gastrectomy, for those patients that need additional weight loss or continue to have severe diabetes despite their original surgery. As the number of sleeves performed has grown, so to has the need for an effective secondary procedure.  It can also be offered as a single stage procedure.

 I offer duodenal switch along with lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric bypass in my practice. Some surgeons do not perform duodenal switch because they are not trained to perform the procedure, or prefer to offer operations with a lower-risk profile.  However, for those patients that would benefit from a duodenal switch and can tolerate the higher operative risk, the upside rewards can be tremendous.  

Surgeons Offer Duodenal Switch?

Indeed, although most of the surgeons nowadays perform bariatric surgery, duodenal switch (DS), or gastric reduction with duodenal switch (GRDS), is a fine option for those patients that expect to lose weight in a significant and definite way, like all surgery procedures, it has advantages and disadvantages, the most important advantage, is a noticeable weight loss for obese individuals, with an insignificant weight regain, it is well known too, that it has a huge cure percentage rate for Type 2 Diabetes (99%), Hyperlipidemia (99%), Sleep Apnea (92%), and Hypertension (83%). However the most common side effects of DS are: Flatus and Diarrhea both can be eliminated through diet, take multivitamins supplements in a major amount than the normal population, etc... Explore with your surgeon this and other options, so you feel confident and able to choose the most proper surgery for you.

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Duodenal Switch?

Yes some surgeons still perform duodenal switch.  This is the most radical of weight loss surgical procedures with the highest risks.

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