Doctor Recommendation for Breast Augmentation in Central Texas

I've been doing lots of research on BA for quite some time now, and finally decided i want to do it. I'm wondering if there's any surgeon out there that will help me self finance? I can make my monthly payments on time, it's just that I've tried to apply for every cosmetic loan possible and I keep getting denied bc of how long I've had my acct open.

Any suggestions?

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Breast augmentation in central Texas


In central Texas I recommend going to Dallas and seeing Dr.Ricardo Meade. He is in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, a large group of board certified plastic surgeons. He will be able to give you assistance with financing as well.

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Financing for breast augmentation


Some physicians do internal financing, but another option for you besides the traditional financing companies would be to pay on account towards the surgery and then doing the surgery when the account is paid in full. Sort of like a "lay-a-way" plan. That way you are putting the money away for the surgery and won't be tempted to spend it on something else, and then not be able to get your desired surgery.

Todd C. Case, MD
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Financing breast augmentation


Most doctors' offices deal with finance companies and they can advise you how to search them and investigate the costs. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Today there are many financing options available.


Today there are many financing options available. Search engines on the internet are fabulous resources to find the most suitable Plastic Surgery financing options for your situation. Most plastic surgeons accept major credit cards. Saving for that planned procedure is the most fiscally responsible approach. If none of these options suit you then discounted breast augmentation services can sometimes be found in plastic surgery residency programs at major teaching insititutions where a no frills approach is undertaken with your surgery provided by a trainee. Your follow up at these low cost trainee offerings is at times problematic as these trainees eventually graduate and move on. Wishing you the best.

Chen Lee, MD
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