Got Sunburned 6 Days Before Laser Treatment for Small Patches of Broken Cappillaries on Bridge of Nose/under my Right Eye

I am 25 year old male with olive skin and I am tan right now from being sunburned a week ago. Still experiencing mild peeling on my face, but I am moisturizing and treating affected area with the best topical products money can buy. I have a laser treatment scheduled on in 2 days to take away the small patches of broken capillaries on my center-upper nose area which continue down under my right eye area. Should I cancel the appt? Am I at higher risk for hyperpigmentation right now? Thank you! :)

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Cancel laser treatment if sunburned before treatment


While the date for your treatment has since elapsed, for anyone else reading this, you should not be tan or sunburned before a laser treatment.  The laser can sometimes mistake tan for brown spots and will pick of your tan.  This may leave you with white spots that can take a long time to pigment again.  

Don't get tan before a laser treatment.

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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