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Sun Exposure After Rhinoplasty

I am now 4-5 Months from a closed Rhinoplasty, I am wondering when I can resume tanning and stop wearing hats and sunblock. Thanks so much! Nathan

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Sun Exposure after Rhinoplasty


4-5 months after rhinoplasty surgery your skin will respond to sun exposure as it did pre-operatively. However, I never encourage tanning which will age the skin and possbly lead to skin cancers.

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Tanning after rhinoplasty


It is usually safe to resume tanning several months after rhinoplasty. You should limit the first session and make sure there is no undue swelling as a result. Sunscreen is very important to avoid sun induced skin damage or cancer regardless of whether or not you have had surgery and should not be discontinued.

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Tanning will not be detrimental to your nose 5 months after Rhinoplasty Surgery.


You can get nasal swelling from a sun burn on your nose after nose job surgery. By 2 to 3 months post-op tanning is ok and should not negatively affect your result. All the best from NJ

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Sun exposure after rhinoplasty.


Sun exposure is ok now, but you should still be concerned about the long term effects of the sun. Wear sunscreen for future protection from skin cancer.

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