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Sun Burn After Rhinoplasty Please Help?

Hi! I had an open rhinoplasty on May 29th. Today it is June 9th, 1.5 weeks after surgery. I have been healing fine, except today I was down the beach on vacation. I know it is important to protect the nose especially during this time, so I applied SPF 50 to my face and wore a hat. My nose got lightly burned as well as my cheeks - not a deep red but a light red/pink. I was outside for 3 hrs but for some reason I still burned. am I definitely going to experience discoloration bc of this burn?

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Sunburn of the nose after rhinoplasty is not a good idea but probably will not affect the long-term result.


The sunburn should not affect the outcome of the rhinoplasty. Please try to be more careful.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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1.5 wks after rhinoplasty and in the sun


I do not think that it is a good idea to be sitting out in the sun so soon after rhinoplasty.  Sunblock is key, but at this point you will have to see how things heal. 

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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