Strong Armpit Odor Surprisingly Not Bacteria Related Can Miradry Help?

Hi. I know it's my appocrine glands giving me problems but unlike most people with this issue I don't sweat. Also I feel my problem isn't bacteria related since antibacterial agents like alcohol, antibacterial soap ,peroxide , prescribed antibiotic creams or tea tree oil doesnt nuetralize the odor. I used to smell 1 hr out of the tub but since I received electrolysis hair removal it's about 3 now . The odor is oniony and nothing works same problem in the groin. Would miradry be able to help??

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Miradry for the armpits

Some patients have noted an improvement in odor, but the Miradry system is specifically FDA approved for hyperhidrosis of the armpits. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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MiraDry can help the odor

In theory, miraDry can help with the odor you have. How does this work? Well, miraDry uses electromagnetic energy to heat up a certain layer in your skin. This layer is in the deep dermis and fat, where structures such as eccrine glands (sweat glands) and aprocrine glands(odor glands) lie. The hair follicle also lies in this area, and hence most patients experience a reduction of hair as well. 

2 treatments 3 months apart should fix the problem. 


Dr Davin Lim
Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist
Brisbane and Gold Coast

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
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MiraDry works for odor in the armpits

In our practice, we've seen many people with excessive sweating or odor in their armpits.  MiraDry procedure, because it permanently destroys the apocrine glands, substantially reduces odor associated with this gland.  Although there is no guarantee, our experience has been quite positive in this area.  Of all treatments available for excessive sweating or odor in the axilla, MiraDry is the best and most permanent on the market.

Lee P. Laris, DO
Phoenix Dermatologist
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Miradry procedures work well for excessive sweating

The miraDry procedure helps eliminate odor related to sweat, which is also known as bromhidrosis.  The miraDry procedure utilizes microwave technology to selectively target and eliminate sweat glands in the armpits by focusing electromagnetic waves at a specific level in the body where sweat glands are located.  MiraDry is the only device on the market that is able to eliminate both eccrine (normal sweat) apocrine ("smelly" sweat) glands.  Botox injections also work to help decrease sweating, but results are more temporary as injections need to be repeated every 4-6 months with Botox effects wearing off near the end of that time frame.  MiraDry is the only FDA-approved procedure that offers long-lasting results and the only procedure that has been shown in studies to treat "smelly" sweat.  Studies demonstrate that results last up to 2 years and are likely permanent as sweat glands do not regenerate. 

Joshua L. Fox, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Bromohidrosis can be effectively treated by MiraDry or Cynosure PrecisionTx (formerly known as SideLaze)

While Botox is effective in reducing eccrine gland activity responsible for hyperhidrosis, it is ineffective against apocrine gland activity which is responsible for body odor in the armpit areas. We are among the first in the West Coast to offer two FDA-approved modalities that will dramatically reduce malodor or bromohidrosis with MiraDry and Cynosure PrecisionTx (formerly known as SideLaze). MiraDry utilizes controlled microwave technology to safely ablate sweat glands as well as odor-producing apocrine glands. Cynosure PrecisionTx (formerly known as SideLaze) delivers precise 1440nm laser energy that ablates both eccrine and apocrine glands in dramatically reducing both hyperhidrosis and bromohidrosis.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Miradry for bromhidrosis

miraDry is FDA approved for underarm hyperhidrosis. Patients who have had miraDry note that associated bromhidrosis is also improved after this procedure. The microwave energy does not seem to target eccrine glands only, but also the apocrine and apoeccrine glands. So, this may be something for you to talk about with a miraDry provider. I have seen both hyerhidrosis improve and bromhidrosis improve after this procedure.

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