Stinging Pain in Breasts After Reduction?

I am 3 weeks post Breast Reduction and my scars are healing fine with no sign of infection or other problems, however my breasts are quite uncomfortable. I seem to have an extreme stinging pain whenever I touch them or whenever my arms or clothes brushes against them. It is uncomfortable walking and I am beginning to worry that there is something wrong. The stinging/tingling is mainly around the nipples and at the side of my breasts. My breasts also feel tight and ache under my arms.

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Possible nerve regeneration

While this may be an indication of nerve regeneration, I suggest you see your surgeon just in case. 

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Severe pain after a breast reduction is very uncommon.


It's natural to have discomfort after any operation including breast reduction. It's very unusual for patients to have severe discomfort. I would report this to your plastic surgeon.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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