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Should I Still Be Wearing Spanx at 8wks Post Op After TT with Flank Lipo?

I am a small framed female at 5'2'' and weigh about 125 to 127lbs.I had TTw/flank lipo.I had very little swelling.However, the last 2 wks I have noticed some laxity in my stomach above the bb. Of course I sit and some skin begins to hang over the scar too. My PS says it is most likely swelling. He said I didn't need to wear the spanx if I dislike it and bc it is so hot outside as well but now I'm worried if I should continue to wear the spanx?I really liked the flatness just after the TT. Thks.

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In our practice we like to tell our patient’s to wear the compression garment for at least 3 months. It helps with the swelling

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